How The PetSafe PIF 300 Wireless Dog Fence works

Offering safety and portability, the new PetSafe PIF 300 Fence from PetSafe is the first electronic containment system with instant installation. If you can plug in a cord, you can install Instant Fence. No unattractive poles to set up and no wires to bury. Wireless Fence uses a constant radio signal to create a “stay zone”. When your pet leaves the area, he receives a mild correction until he returns – which means it’s escape-proof. And since PetSafe PIF 300 Fence is completely portable, you can take it and your pet wherever you go. So your pet is safe, and your mind is at ease. This system is recommended for pets that weigh at least 15 lbs.

PetSafe PIF 300

PetSafe PIF 300 Wireless Fence Working Procedure

PetSafe PIF 300Wireless Dog Fence is a revolutionary new concept that provides the safest, simplest form of pet containment ever. You plug in a transmitter somewhere inconspicuously in your home. It emits a radio signal around your home. Your pet wears a lightweight receiver collar which listens for the signal. While it’s receiving the signal, your dog is free to run and play. When it approaches the boundary of the signal area, it receives a warning beep. If it continues, it receives a light static energy pulse which is startling but not harmful. With a little training that is simple and quick, your pet quickly learns its boundaries. Setting the boundaries of your yard takes only a few minutes by adjusting the range on the transmitter, from a radius of just a few feet to up to 90 feet.

The transmitter plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet. Since the signal can transmit reliably through walls or other household obstructions, it can be placed in any convenient and discreet location in your house, typically a garage or closet. A small dial allows you to adjust the signal area.

Training is simple and easy. Once you have adjusted the signal to the perimeter you want, mark the boundary by placing small training flags at the edge of the signal area. Then, using a leash and holding the collar, walk your pet around the boundary, pointing and shaking the flags, saying “NO” and letting your pet hear the beeping of the collar. Next, let your pet wear the collar and walk the boundary again. Let it, on its own, venture into the signal area and get the correction. Quickly pull it back into its yard and praise and play with it, again pointing to the flags and saying “NO”. Repeat this process each day for a few weeks and your dog will quickly learn its new boundaries. After thirty days, you can gradually remove the flags.

See this video for to learn more.

PetSafe PIF 300

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