Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Shark Navigator vs Dyson is an ongoing discussion on various vacuum forums. And we decided to look further into this matter and see what kind of value the Shark Navigator NV22L offers.

Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Our first impression of the Shark Navigator NV22L is a good one. And it really looks like a high-quality product. We especially like the modern design and the various small details that make this vacuum look a lot more expensive than it really is. If looks were everything, the Shark Navigator NV22L wouldn’t have much to worry about. But let’s take a look at the features it comes with.

Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Features and Specifications

Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner ReviewLightweight Model

One of the coolest things about the Shark Navigator NV22L is that it is a lightweight model, making it very easy to maneuver and work with. It weighs just around 15 pounds and the smooth glide rubber wheels make it feel like you are skating the Shark Navigator NV22L smoothly around.

Powerful Nozzle

The power nozzle is specially designed to get dirt and pet hair from carpets, even if they are in those stubborn places. What is really cool about the Shark Navigator NV22L? That is,  it comes with a pet hair power brush that you will really come to appreciate when you want to clean stuff like carpeted stairs and upholstery.

The grip is ergonomically designed and the power nozzle comes with on/off brush roll for carpets and bare floor surfaces.

Extra Tool

You also get a 24-inch crevice tool that will allow you to reach pet hair in really tight spaces. Furthermore, you also get a special super stretch wand that will give you 12 feet of cleaning reach.

Bagless Dust Cap

The Shark Navigator comes with a bagless dust cup, eliminating the need for constant replacement of bags.

The Shark Navigator NV22L comes with a 5-year limited warranty. And the feedback from people confirms that this is a very durable unit.


Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

The Shark Navigator NV22L is a very popular pet vacuum. And there are literally hundreds of reviews for this unit online. It took us, several hours to research this product. And hopefully, this information will make the decision-making process a little easier for you.

Let’s start with the negative comment on the Shark Navigator NV22L. Some people mention that it is a minor negative that it doesn’t come with an auto retractable cord. People estimate that it will take you around 30-60 seconds to collect the cord when you are done. But also mention that this is just a minor inconvenience and that the positives clearly outweigh this one point.

The first thing people mention about the Shark Navigator NV22L is the suction power. A lot of users comment on how it pulls long dog and cat hairs from carpets and upholstery with ease. And that they have a truly clean house for the first time in a very long time, after using the Shark Navigator NV22L just once.

Users also comment on how durable this pet vacuum is. And that this is backed up by the fact that it comes with a 5-year warranty. A lot of consumers have had their Shark Navigator NV22L for over 2 years with no problems and verify that it stands the test of time.

Last but not least, people mention that the Shark Navigator NV22L is very easy to put together and that you can get started with your cleaning within minutes of opening the box.
In regards to the Shark Navigator vs Dyson discussion, it seems as though the Shark Navigator NV22L offers most of the value the Dyson vacuums do with the difference being that it comes at a much lower price.

Final Verdict

We can definitely recommend the Shark Navigator NV22L and there are hundreds of reviews online backing this product up.

Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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